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Proven to be On-Time, Affordable and Reliable. Supplying drivers and customers a preferred option for roadside assistance and towing needs.

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Long Distance & Simple Point A-to-Point B Service

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All-In-One Roadside Assistance For Consumer & Commercial

Life is busy. We understand that. That is why our staff and drivers are available 24 hours and on stand-bye. Making sure drivers get a successful lift or assistance is our goal and our verified 5-Star reviews is another reason to try us. We can provide tire replacement, FWD, RWD and AWD vehicle towing. We are capable of transporting large commercial vehicles such as city buses, RV's and trailers with the proper equipment. Our small one-time towing fee is simple and a perfect-choice for individuals and our monthly/annual memberships is great for commercial fleets, and large employee companies.

Towing Is Simple - We Do It Very Well

A 5-Star Rated Professional Service That Most Count On

It is hard to prepare for a random flat-tire or tire-blowout. What makes our company a great choice is that many drivers can go without paying a large monthly fee for insurance assistance and rely on our 24 hour affordable roadside assistance. Our guests will be offered a bottle of water and honor any Big Brother online discount towing service coupon. Call the best tow truck service in Glendale, CA and experience the difference in our tow service.

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All-In-One Local Service

24-Hour Towing & More. Anytime. Anywhere.

We are not the largest towing service in the area but we do provide an experience that is above the rest. Little things that we do is what makes drivers rate us a 5-Star towing service in Glendale. Whether you are seeking a new batter replacement, battery-jump, or to unlock your vehicle door. Our prices are friendly and convenient. If you have a special request regarding a California tow truck or a service that is not listed below, please feel welcomed to contact our well-trained and experienced staff.

New Key, Re-Program & Lockouts
Capable of creating a new key by laser-cutting or re-programming a key fob. We get you back into your vehicle without the use of a sub-contractor.

Motorcycle Towing
From daily drivers to show-worthy motorcycles. We harness all proper towing accessories to ensure safe transportation everytime and anytime.

24 Hours
Feel free to contact Glendale's Big Brother services. Our drivers our on-call 24/7 to help any commercial or consumer driver.

Credit cards accepted
Our staff masterly handles all paperwork (insurance & non-insurance). No hidden-fees and we accept all major payment cards.

Private Impounds
Needing a quick impound can save a day's worth of business. We are the clear choice for private impounds.

Additional Services
If you are seeking a service that is not listed, we might still offer it. If we don't, we can recommend a certified local professional.